farmer garden - herbs, products court of one's own

you are what you eat!

water - air and earth

Our herbs-/vegetablesgarden with many different herbs is an experience for all senses! These herbs are used in the kitchen and for herb mixtures. The herbs get hand-graded, dried gently and mixed with love. The fresh berries like raspberries, red currants, strawberries, cranberries, apricots and elderflowers are processed to healthy exquisite fruit spreads and syrups.
You can our court own products at a farmers brackfeast or a "Frückstückskorb" enjoy. You are welcome to purchase our court own products also in the sales corner on our court. Our offer goes by the circulation provided by nature. All products therefore aren't available throughout the whole year {annual}.

If you want, you can also like to try our farm products like

The bread baking has a tradition on our farm. If you are on holiday, you are welcome to watch us